iyes1Brighton’s IYES unveil their flawless debut single ‘Til Infinity, via brand new record label Duly Noted Records on December 2, 2013.

The charming track by this talented duo (producer and singer Josh Christopher (UK) and singer Melis Soyaslanova (Czech Republic), was inspired…by watching terrible TV. Or possibly Vietnamese prawn soup.

They explain: “We were up late one night, something bad like Big Brother was on the TV and we were eating this amazing take-out soup,” recalls Melis.

“Suddenly, Josh starts drumming on the sofa. That was the beginning of ‘Til Infinity. Once we had the rhythm, the rest of the song seemed to fall in to place.

It’s probably our favourite song we’ve ever written, but it wasn’t one we planned. But in case it was the prawn soup that inspired, Josh is learning to make it himself.”

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