Check out multi talented writer MonMon debut single ‘Don’t Blame Me’, an obsessively catchy number which highlights the errors of the consumer society we live in.

MonMon is Monelle Bryce, an ArtPR girl from North London and accomplished writer of conscious yet humorous jingles, songs, scripts, and children’s stories.

The charasmatic wordsmith also writes blogs for ITNO Records, where she can be found discussing the merge between fashion, art in advertising, and music. She’s set to graduate this summer with a Publishing & Media degree and plans to release a “MonMon Jingle-Pack” before the end of 2012 to demonstrate the versatility of her writing.

Featuring sugar coated, upbeat production from Oscar Lo Brutto (Wretch 32, Robbie Glover), the record sees MonMon deliver tongue-in-cheek dissertation of expensive fashion labels, overpriced goods and modern day consumerism.!/monmontweets

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