LAST week sexy Belfast model and TV presenter Katie Larmour made it in to the top ten FHM Holiday Honeys competition beating thousands of girls all over the UK and Ireland.
But the leggy beauty has revealed it won’t be opening the door to page 3 or glamour modelling for her.

Katie, who is best known for her high-end fashion shoots, TV commercials and presenting work, said while she doesn’t have a problem with the glamour industry it’s just not one she would be interested in working in.
She explained: I know that many girls who get into the pages of FHM and other lads mags go on to do glamour modelling but this something I would have to say no to as I just wouldn’t consider it.

Since getting into the top ten and it being announced I have had a few offers but I’m just not interested.

I suppose there is a fine line between it and some suggestive underwear modelling but I don’t see myself going down that road.

And while Katie joked she doesn’t think she has the right assets for the glamour industry she also added that she wanted to keep the door open for some potential kids TV projects.

I would love the option to be able to do children’s television in the future as I love presenting she said.

Therefore this is a choice I would have to stick to. I’ve made friends with a few girls who do glamour modelling and so I wouldn’t diss it it’s just not for me.

I do enjoy doing underwear and bikini shoots, women should celebrate their figures and its nice to feel sexy so I’d definitely be keen on doing more lads mag type photoshoots in the future but you can’t beat FHM as its so classy.

But saying no to glamour doesn’t mean Katie will be saying no to completely nude photos.
The art graduate said: I have done some completely nude photos for an awesome top make-up artist where I was fully body painted in a Children of Lire picture before but I see that as art rather than being part of the glamour world.

On a funnier note I’m also I not exactly big enough for that.

For now Katie is concentrating on collecting the votes needed to secure her the top spot in this year’s Holiday Honeys competition.
Last month she received a phone-call to say she had made it to the top ten and she was thrilled.

I couldn’t believe it said Katie.
I had kind of forgotten about the competition and then I found that out. I got a phonecall and I was told to keep it to myself but I couldn’t contain myself in front of my friends so a handful of people knew, and of course my family.

I’m so happy my sister decided to enter me as I’ve really enjoyed the buzz about it. I’m overwhelmed by the support from friends who have been helping me generate votes.

My friend Jessica Mitchiabata who I spend the summer in Japan and Hong Kong with mentioned me on her twitter page and over night I had 200 or so Japanese followers as she’s a well know model over there which was great and unexpected. If nothing else comes out of it at least I’ve made lots of awesome new friends and connected with people from all over the world.

For Katie while she’d love to win the overall competition she says the experience of being in it has been enough for her.
She said: I am really thrilled to be in the top ten, I’d be pleased enough with that alone if I didn’t get any further.

I’ve had a look at the other contestants and a handful are really hot so I wouldn’t be so sure I’ll get the top prize but I can always hope.

I’m up against a selection of stunning girls so its up to the public to choose and vote. I’d absolutely love to be the first honey from Northern Ireland to win the overall thing.

It doesn’t stop me dreaming about what would happen if I won the whole thing though.

It would feel amazing, as if getting a professional photoshoot wasn’t enough you get the chance to present on KISS TV, now that is awesome,

My dream job would be to present a holiday, music or motor-sport program. I had to pinch myself that I even made it into the top 100 never mind 10 so it would be so special, I’d try to be the best Honey ever.

To cast your vote for Katie in the 2010 FHM Holiday Honeys competition simply log on HERE HERE and make sure you cast your vote before October 5.

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